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Questions & Answer for Tradespeople

What do job leads mean?

Job leads are basically the potential requisites that may be available for tradespeople. These requested are being posted on the website and then sorted out according to trade, type of skill and postcode information.

How does a job lead can be found to buy?

At Skilled4Jobs, you don’t buy leads. You pay for your monthly membership and that is all.

What is the way to control which job leads one can receive?

When a user sign-up for the job lead website, he/she will be provided a list of settings. Based on these settings it is to be determined that what job leads he/she will receive via an alert. 

What can be a possible reason for no or very few leads in job leads list?

Job leads are set to be determined on the basis of job lead setting that a user has already set up while signing up. Very few job leads indicate that there is a very small work area for which few or no job leads are available. One has to improve the work area list by clicking on the ‘Edit Job lead list’. Job leads are sent to you based on your postcode, work area, and trade/skill settings.

Can job leads be removed from the job lead list?

Yes, a job lead can be removed if one has no interest in it. There is a ‘delete’ option available. By clicking on it lead will be removed and no longer available on the list. On the mobile app remove option will be available by swiping left or right.

What is the reason to have a certificate for a job lead? 

It depends on the type of task trade people need to do. For example for gas jobs, a Gas Safe certification is needed for the safety of the customer. So trade people need to show the verified Gas Safe certification in the certification settings on the website.  

Is it known to the customer that trade people don’t pay for their job lead?

Yes, it is in the knowledge of the customer. It is being reminded to the customer that they may remove their job lead if it is no longer quoted. 

What is the process of quality improvement of job leads?

This is a bit unpredictable to know how well a customer will perform the task and what kinds of intentions are there in posting a job lead. This is being countered by two ways

  1. Customers are constantly asked to fill forms and give more information about the work area. 
  2. If a job lead is not took within 24 hours of posting then the customer is asked to update his/her job with more information regarding the work area.

Contacting customers

What is the procedure for contacting the customer? 

There are three ways for contacting customer:

  1. A homeowner can be directly contacted and have chat through the trade website. It works as other social media messenger apps like Whatsapp. It’s very easy and convenient.
  2. Use phone number available in the information section of the homeowner. One can send a voice mail or text message.
  3. Email can be another option. Make an introductory note to be contacted soon. so one can grab the worker soon.

What one can do if details of the homeowner are invalid?

In this case, the PRO must contact the customer through chat message option available on the website, this will help in finding the valid information because the website can direct you to the account that homeowner has set up. Website handlers emphasize a lot on the quality of job leads, but in case a rare mishap occurs, trade people must tell it to the website handlers immediately.

 What happens after a callback request?

When a request for a callback has been made, trade website sends a direct message via email or text to the homeowner and remind them that trade people have quoted on their job lead and it’s urgent. This works if a customer is not expecting calls. But still, it is not guaranteed that customer’s behavior will be up to the satisfaction of the PRO. But quality maintenance is always preferred.  

What happens if the customer doesn’t let the trade people quote?

Skilled4Jobs is a service that provides a bridge between the ones who are finding workers and who are finding work. Quality of work and behavior of the customer is not guaranteed but still, all steps have been taken to provide quality services to tradespeople. For this reason, we are not charging a commission-based fee. We recommend you not pick just one lead; consider at least three job leads for the task. It is reported that on average every one out of three leads wins work. Furthermore, trade people can make connections with homeowners that will help them in the future even if the current lead has not proceeded.


What is the reason for requesting a rating?

Ratings work as a word of mouth in online trading. Whenever a purchaser purchases a job lead, its whole profile has been sent to the customer. More positive ratings more will be successful purchases of job leads.

What is the way of requesting a rating?

Log into your through via email, go to the list of your jobs, select the job and then select ‘Request Rating’ from the status column. It is recommended that tradespeople should leave their calling card and may ask the customer directly to rate after completing the job.

Where do the ratings go?

All of the tradespeople’s ratings are stored Skilled4Jobs profile page under the ‘Ratings’ tab. 

Jobs are being sorted on the basis of rated or not rated. A rating can be replied by using ‘Reply a Rating’ option…

What can be done if one receives a negative or unfair rating?

If tradespeople have an issue regarding a rating that is unfair they may make a reply to the rating or can ask the customer directly to update the rating. But keep in mind that replies to the rating are visible to future customers so keep it professional. In other cases, if the rating is not appropriate or slanderous, you should contact the Skilled4Jobs for further investigation.

How do I respond to a rating?

When a customer leaves a rating, website handlers will send an email to the purchaser of job lead with their rating and comment. To reply to the rating, one should select the link in the email to leave a comment.

You may log into your account, go to ‘Account’ then ‘Rating’ and then select the rating and leave a reply. 

Can rating be deleted?

No, a rating cannot be deleted but in case you are not able to resolve your issue directly with the customer, you can contact the Skilled4Jobs management immediately and they will investigate the matter on priority basis.

If I am new to the Skilled4Jobs and I do not have any ratings, how can I win work?

It can be difficult if you are fresh on the website but  for winning work follow these principles.

  1. You should continuously update your profile with specialist skills, trades, and testimonials of past work.
  2. Contact the customer immediately when you applyed for a job lead.
  3. A detailed and thorough quote must be provided with references.
  4. Always ask for ratings once the job is done. 

How does a customer will rely on my ratings?

There are close checks on both customers and tradespeoples when it comes to rating. No there is an automated check so that one of the tradespeople can rate itself. Only customers who have an account through Skilled4Jobs are able to rate. A customer can change their rating anytime and tradespeople can see anytime. We keep a continuous check on the use of professional language in ratings.

Profile page

What is a profile page?

A profile page is basically an introduction or a document of trust. It has all the mandatory information about the company, ratings, certifications, and photos of your past work. A good and well-maintained profile page has more chances to win work. This profile information will be displayed on the top of searches when a person will search for companies on Google. Future customers will be more impressed if they see your profile page better than other tradespeople. 

How a profile page can be changed or updated?

For updating or editing purposes, log into your account and then click on the ‘Web Profile’ tab. You can update anything like photos, company description, cover picture, etc. You must select your trade in your profile because it will appear on the Google search as well if a homeowner is trying to find an applier of a job lead. Trade is an important thing that helps the customer in evaluating your quote.  Following is the list of things that can be updated in a profile page.

  • photo gallery
  • trades & services
  • work area
  • certificates / accreditations
  • cover picture
  • profile image
  • company description
  • primary trade

How do the pictures from past work can be uploaded?

For this purpose, log into your account and select ‘Account’ and then ‘My photos’. Then click the ‘Choose file’ button to select the photos stored on your computer. The photos you upload will be shown on your profile page.

How can I view my Profile page?

To see your profile page, you have to sign in to your account and select ‘Account’ and then. The link to your profile page will be shown at the top of this screen. Click the link to view your profile page as it displayed to the public.


How to sign in to my account?

  1. Go to the Skilled4Jobs website skilled4jobs.com.
  2. Click on the ‘Login‘ in the upper-right navigation
  3. Enter your email and password in the tradesperson section.


What to do if I have forgotten my password?

If you have forgotten your password or need to change it for any reason, you may change your password here.

How password can be changed?

If you have forgotten your password or need to change it for any reason, you may change your password here. You may also change your password by logging in to your account and visiting ‘Account > Account details’ and clicking the ‘Change password’ button.

How contact details can be changed?

  • For changing your contact details, sign in to your account and click ‘Account’ and then choose option ‘Account details’. From there you can update your contact info or change your address.

How one can update preferences for contact alert?

For email:

  1. Log into your account
  2. Select ‘My Account’
  3. Select ‘contact Preferences’ from the navigation
  4. Click ‘EDIT’ to switch either of these on or off.

How do I change or update my trade, special skills or work and trade areas?

All these fields are being selected at the time of signing up to your account but you can still update anytime you want to. Log into your account, go to ‘Job Lead’, select ‘edit Job Lead’ and do the changes.

How the Payment details can be changed or updated?

If you’ve already paid your membership fee using a credit or debit card, the card details have been stored safely for future transactions. To further change this information follows the procedure

  1. Log into online
  2. Go to ‘My Account’
  3. Click on the ‘Membership &. You’ll see an ‘Update card’ link within the ‘Billing details’ section. Click this link and follow the on-screen instructions to update your card.

How do the company details can be changed?

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Select ‘Account details’
  3. Click the ‘Edit personal details’ button.

Note: We cannot change the company details on invoices that have already been issued. If your company details change within the fiscal year, the new details will appear on the next scheduled invoice.

How do I update my certifications like Gas Safe and Part P certifications?

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Select ‘Edit job lead settings’ from your main ‘Job Leads’ screen.
  3. Click the ‘Certifications’ tab.
  4. Click the ‘Add certificate’ button to enter your certificate details. 

How I can make email lead alerts disabled?

  1. Log in to your account and
  2. Select ‘Edit job lead settings’ from your main ‘Job Leads’ screen.
  3. Click the ‘Alert contact preferences’ tab.
  4. Set your Email alert status to ‘Off’.

Is there any option to cancel my account?

Yes, the account can be canceled any time. The client can cancel the account by contacting us at the helpline and directly contacting our customer sales representatives.

Note: However, it is worth mentioning that after you cancel or remove your account, all information, data will be removed from the repository and there will be no access to the job leads in future.


When I’ll pay my dues exactly?

The fee may take in the form of annual, semiannual and even quarterly, based on the payment plan.

For your convenience, in My Account > Billing details tabs, the next due dates of membership and the upcoming dates of renewal are displayed to remind the upcoming payments. 

How many times I will collect bills and when?

For every member, the date is different for receiving invoices. They are dispatched on the date when the membership was activated, or an account was created on the website. The bills or invoices are deemed to be dispatched every month. A person who activated the membership on 15th of February will receive the invoice or bill on the 15th of every month.   

Is there any facility to change my invoice issuance date?

Currently, we don’t have the facility to adjust this matter, the receipts of payments are dispatched on the date of account creation.

Where I can locate my invoices?

We care to update you even you don’t ask. Every invoice is emailed to the member on their email account in the form of an attachment of PDF file. However, it is recommended to download  PDF reader in your mobile phone or any device you use to communicate.

Note: you cannot demand any paper-based documents of bills.

What are the ways of paying bills/ invoices?

Firstly, it is needed to clarify that these are not the bills that you owe to our company. The invoices are just the receipts of all the purchases that have been made during the last months. All job lead purchases are uploaded into your account and the amount is deducted every month on membership fees and at renewals. However,  you will be notified by us in case of any missing payment in the form of a popup in your login account option. So that you can login and check your status of payments. 

Does my account balance is of any help to pay my dues?

The balance on your account has no monetary value that is why the payment can only be made in cash and the balance is used to buy job leads.

Why there is any difference shown in the sum of the invoices and total payments? Why does this happen? 

When you observe such a difference the reason may be that you have been failed to pay your membership fees. To rectify this, you must log in, click on account, then billing and may your payment by upper notification on your screen.

I have been overcharged? What should I do?

There are merely no reason that the client is overcharged, but if you still find inconsistencies in the account balance. Please feel free to contact us on our helplines.

What is the reason to charge me?

You have been charged for the alerts you receive through SMS and the membership plans we design for you. You are supposed to make sure that there is a full balance on your account. If the balance is not sufficient. We will credit the amount from your card that you have registered with us.

Why there is a need to add a card for the payment purpose?

It is the requirement of the payment provider to fulfill the essentials of the card validation before any payment. So, we try to keep the payment amount as much as can low.

Is there any option to add more cards ?

In the future, we are planning to add more card options for the customers. But currently, the facility is not available.

The details of bills and the card are in contradiction to each other. What should I do?

It is recommended to you to login to billing details and update your card option. Then add more information to the billing details about your card.

Pricing and membership

What are the costs and rates of the services?

Our payment plans are highly customized, and one can easily adjust to them according to their needs and wants. The payment plans designed are highly flexible with multiple options. 

  • We help you to make a profile to appear in the searches made on Google. The profile will clearly depict your skill and job potential.

Does every cost that we incur is justified?

The cost of membership is recovered thirty times on average.  So, a small cost saves a better future for you. You are directed to access our site, then assess job lead you are wishing to apply. 

 How the price of a job lead is designed?

There is no cost for leeds.

Why I am supposed to pay even I haven’t won the job lead?

Actually, firstly we provide you with a service to ensure that only qualified people are connected to each other on this platform. But for us, it is nearly impossible to ensure that how people react or their behavior right after posting a job. Secondly, we are sure that we charge less than that of our competitors who charge a commission based high prices to their customers.

Is there any return policy?

We are sorry to say that we don’t have any return policy. As the connection is made independently between you and the lead. So according to terms and conditions, there is no guarantee of the success or the failure.


How does this all work?

  • Obtain job leads: the information that you have provided about your whereabouts, your requirements, based on that, we share information with you about the recent and most appropriate leads through the email and SMS.
  • Contact the customer: right after you paid for the membership, you will be able to make a connection with the customers, message them, chat them and let them know about your product and requirements,
  • Ratings: right after you have complete ford the project or task, the client can be asked to make an assessment and rate you based on that. The ratings will be helpful in the future to get more client when they went through your profile.

Word of mouth has been my way to get work, does it beneficial for me to get registered?

Why we are better, the reason is as follow:

  • No waiting for leads: there is no need to wait for the leads, we will give you the information throughout the membership tenure on a regular basis.
  • Growth in repute: the ratings you gain, and your work serve as the word of mouth
  • Gap filling: we provide you with a source to be with the reputable connections when you are suffering from the less business.
  • Show your work: the profile is a source to gain the platform to show the work.
  • Find work concisely: We help you to make a profile to appear in the searches made on Google. The profile will clearly depict your skill and job potential.
  • Full information: Each job lead has information about the lead, their skills, and requirement, the prices for full information. To obtain full information you need to pay the price.

What are the local tradespeople?

Everyone has their own preference for a job. Few prefer to be close to their local jobs to take advantage of low petrol and communication cost saving. So, few might set their geographical boundaries within their Radius of less than 10 to 20 miles. So, some on the other side may want to take advantage of increasing their geographical presence by increasing the target location. So those who limit are the local tradespeople.

What is the screening protocols of tradespeople?

Screening is one of the most essential element to ensure the credibility and trustworthiness of our platform. We have made a partnership with Experian. The Experian is a global company that opts data analysis tools to provide data related services. They help us to make things clear, reduce the chances of theft or any frauds and automate the decision-making process.

Further to strengthen our process of screening, the company is keen to work with the Action Fraud of the UK to minimize the risk of frauds for the homeowners. Secondly, the leads for the gas cannot be bought without any certification by the gas company.

What are sign up protocols?

To sign up, the following information will be needed:

Organization related info

  • Name of organization
  • Your organization location ( Plant or head office)

Private info

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Private Address

Business characteristics

  • Connection particulars (email ID and Contact Number)
  • Business operations, number of employees, nature of the industry.

Payment Method

  • All the credit card and debit card information will be required. Name of bank, the type of account etc.

It is suggested that every time, you are able to get a lead, you must share the same info with the homeowner. So that he will be able to trust you and your work. Then he can further use the detail to conduct scrutiny.


Is there any case when the accounts of the tradespeople are closed?

We from this platform, are keen to reduce the risks and threats to the owners and increase the repute of the tradespeople as well.

That is why there are times and circumstances when we close the connections of the tradespeople for example

  • They didn’t respond to the complaints of the clients
  • There are many serious complains against them within the few months of the work.
  • Based on the complaints, they have got three poor work-related ratings.
  • If the issue is a threat to the wellbeing of our owner and the repute of our platform, we remove the tradespeople.
  • They are discriminatory like racists, gender discrimination and poor work ethics.
  • Many serious negative feedbacks are received from the clients and the independent partners of our company.
  • They are not financially stable anymore
  • They have multiple anonymous accounts
  • Their identities are not valid


One of the homeowners asked me to have a mediation, what does this stand for?

Every time we try to ensure that the work experience went well between each party but every time that doesn’t happen. If oy are asked to go through the process of mediation, it means he wants to resolve the issue with you out of the court by settling the issue through the third party. It is called ADR or Alternative Dispute Resolution.

What is the homeowner refuse to pay my money?

We have already advised that if the homeowner refuses to pay money what are the measures. You must contact him. Discuss payments. Ask for the Mediation and in the end must contact the citizen advice.

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